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Terms and condtitions


1.1. By registering at the ROYALFUT.COM you accept these terms and conditions in full. It is forbidden to register and use the service for persons who do not consent to follow these terms and conditions.

1.2. The project administration is not responsible for possible damage caused to you as a result of using this service.

1.3. Any inquiries to the ROYALFUT.COM Administration with obscene or offensive content will be ignored. In case of repeat offenses, we will BAN and delete your account.

1.4. The administration is entitled to amend these terms and conditions by notifying users of any changes.

1.5. Since the terms and conditions cannot cover all the specific areas of work in the project, any recommendations or requirements of the Project Administration shall be taken as an addition hereto.

1.6. Paying for an order on the project you make a free exchange.


2.1. Maintain full functionality of the ROYALFUT.COM Project.

2.2. Deliver coins to the user who placed the order within 3 days.

2.3. Promptly notify users of possible failures in the functionality of ROYALFUT.COM.


3.1. Provide correct information when registering.

3.2. If malfunctions or errors are found in the script or website operation, report the malfunction to the technical support service.

3.3. Do not attempt to hack the website and do not use possible script vulnerabilities. Violators will be immediately banned.

3.4. It is strictly forbidden to post links containing viruses or lead to phishing websites/resources that violate your country's laws.

3.5. Provide correct information in the order form. Otherwise, the coins will not be delivered to you.

3.6. Use your coins as soon as possible after your order has been completed.

3.7. You agree to any possible sanctions from EA that may arise as a result of buying coins. Our system is as safe as possible, but there are always risks.


4.1. All users shall fully and implicitly follow the ROYALFUT.COM terms and conditions. Disagreement or constant contesting of the terms and conditions entails BAN.

4.2. Deception of the system, hacking attempts, logging in to other user accounts.

4.3. Blackmail of users, attempts, and acts of fraud.

4.4. Inquiries to the ROYALFUT.COM Administration containing obscene or offensive content.

4.5. Aiding or complicity in the above violations.

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