We would like to present to your attention EA FC's innovative coin delivery system - an approach unparalleled in the FIFA coin industry. An extensive network of the suppliers under our management allows us to work together that surpasses all records. Every single order is processed according to a set of proprietary protocols that completely exclude any undesirable consequences for the account from EA. We are constantly improving our advanced coin transfer algorithm, persistently subjecting it to thorough calibration and a number of diverse tests, aimed at quickly identifying any slightest flaw or inconsistency caused by the next update in the game, and their further immediate elimination. And only in the case of a positive evaluation of every tested aspect, the algorithm receives a green light for full implementation.

And furthermore, our scope of influence is greatly expanded by establishing productive partnerships with many other organizations involved in the selling EA FC coins. Currently, our ecosystem has more than 10 such stores which sell EA FC coins that are integrated into our platform. And the door for such collaborations is always open. If you are interested in partnering with us as an EA FC Coin Store, please contact us via Skype or Telegram where we can discuss this exciting opportunity together. Below we would like to tell you about our achievements in the FUT and EA FC coin market.

We are proud for these numbers*:

Our experience is7+years in this field
We transferred to our customers 100B+FIFA & EA FC Сoins
We delivered100K+orders to our customers
Our service has been used by30K+FIFA and EA FC players
Less than20 m80% of orders are delivered
According to polls we have97%satisfied costumers
* relevant as of October 1, 2023

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